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Written by Will Bundy

Our weekly column looks at the recent trend of superhero film production through Twitter.  

Well here we go again.  Another week, another interesting insight into what’s going out there in the land of Twitter superheroes.  As always a certain golden trio of supermen directors have been continuing to blaze a trail of exciting BTS pics that have been keeping fans interested and salivating at the prospect of what their tweets mean in the grand scheme of things.

Bryan Singer has kept to his path of tweeting some interesting peeks including a rather exciting first look at concept art for the character of Beast, reuniting him with his Jack the Giant Killer star Nicholas Hoult, who is no doubt pleased to be continuing his run in the land of blockbuster giants.  We also got a nice look at a prop for the movie, which also helps to place it in the interesting context of the early 1970s, when the Vietnam War was raging and America was on the brink of one of it’s most interesting decades, in particular the new wave of American filmmakers whose films in some ways paved the way for directors like Singer to come forth in the first place.  It also connects Professor Xavier with the CIA, which should be interesting if they decide to play up any political or spy intrigue in the film.  Singer also has taken to Vine for the first time, which I think is now the new form of video media for filmmakers on Twitter now, with both James Mangold and James Gunn utilizing it as well. Singer has used it to interesting effect to tease more of Magneto, including a certain actor at one point.  Looking forward to seeing what Singer comes up with next.

James Mangold has been continuing to post BTS shots as well, including one of a funeral as seen in the recent trailer, as well as a shot from a reported Yakuza attack on a temple, and a shot from the “climatic sequence” in Mangold’s own words at a research facility, which suggests to me Wolverine battling his enemies who have perhaps tried to gain from his own powers in their own insidious ways, and finally accepting the person he is and coming to peace with his own inner battle with his immortality.  Or I could be reading too much into things.  Ahem.

Swinging like Spider-Man on a breezy day, Marc Webb has been continuing his pic a day onslaught onto the Twitter-verse, and there are some interesting gems to be picked out from these, including a rather electrifying look at what might happen to someone who gets on Elektro’s nerves, and our possible first look at a certain Goblin who likes mischief.  Well, his stunt double anyway.  I think it demonstrates more of the edgier “realistic” look that seems to be the style of this new Spider-man series.  Although if anyone can decipher what the “master-plan” might be in this shot, they have better eyes than me:


James Gunn and Robert Rodriguez continue to be the quiet couple, although Gunn did post this interesting look at his work environment for Guardians of the Galaxy which looks distinctly…blue, and rather nice.  Hopefully it’s aiding his creativity.  Although I think turning down this guy for the part of Rocket Racoon was a bit of a mistake perhaps.  Maybe he can find a job in the next animated film from Dreamworks.

Mr Rodriguez has meanwhile been continuing his online crowd-participation project, and for anyone interested they can find it all on his Twitter feed, but since it’s not really superhero related, I’ll be waiting until he posts something about Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, which since I was a huge fan of the first Sin City, I’m looking forward to immensely   Here’s hoping you post something about it soon eh Robert? wink wink.

Ahem, anyway, that about covers it for this week.  If you find anything interesting on the web related to superhero films being made and Twitter, please feel free to mention it in the comments, and of course any feedback on the content you’ve seen in the article is deeply appreciated!

Until next time…RIP Mr Ebert:


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